New youtube content February 9, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA

Today I'm really excited to share new content that I will be uploading regularly on YouTube.  Since the beginning of my filmmaking career I have been uploading all my films, web-series, and podcasts on the O The Anthem YouTube page. Now I have decided to suplement that content with personal takes and informative vlogs.  The first thing I decided to add to the page was a look at video Christmas cards I make for my loved ones for the Holidays. In this video I go through how I plan and create the video cards, and go through each one individually.  My plan is to have semi regular vlogs that I can create and release quickly, based off of what is happening in entertainment.


In addition I am going to record and release movie reviews on the channel after every movie I see.  As a filmmaker I find it incredibly important to see as many movies as I can, and I wanted to take my experience from making movies to discuss choices and applaud incredible performances. I am a lover of theaters too, so in every review I will talk about where I saw each movie and talk about the experience that goes with it.


Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog and is supportive of me in all of my endeavors.  On future blog posts I will add in YouTube videos to keep you up to date with the latest in that regard, but the best way to follow along is to subscribe to the channel, and share if you like it, and let me know what you think. I really want this to be a place of discussion, and with your continued support it can be.