Life in LA (and 3 big announcements!) jUne 22, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA

Hello one and all, I hope you are having a great day.


Before moving to Los Angeles to progress my film making journey, I knew that things were going to substantially change.  First there was the obvious, I was moving across the country to a whole new city and leaving behind all my family and friends.  I knew to grow I needed to be around more productions and more sets, and LA seemed to me like the obvious choice.


Today is exactly 7 months since we moved into our apartment, and I can say some things for sure.  Up top, I really appreciate having Rachel and Rob by my side for this.  They are both truly special people to me, and I couldn’t ask for  better partners in this whole decision.  In addition, the support of everyone back in Baltimore has been huge for me, and your kindness has been very moving.


I have been working on a good amount of really amazing sets since I moved out here (all of which you can find in the credits section of my website) with my focus on sound mixing and boom operating.  There is incredible talent here on all different levels, and having the chance to share the same artistic space as them has been incredibly rewarding.  I never thought I would say that I really loved my work like I have doing sound on set.


Going in I knew that it was going to require a lot of hustle to make sure I could work consistently, and knew that early on it was going to be slow.  Right now, I find myself working often enough to pay the bills, but not often enough to keep me from worrying about it.  It’s part of the journey, and with determination perhaps 7 months from now I will be working constantly.  I only have myself to blame if I don’t take the opportunity to the fullest extent possible.


Now on to the big announcements…


The website has been revamped, with a focus on providing the best possible experience by speeding up under the hood and having slick and easy mobile sites for both phone and tablets.  Also on the home page I added…


My 2017 Reel.  Now I have been working on this for a while, but decided the time for tinkering was over and it was time to release it into the universe.   I set it to “City of Angels” by 30 Seconds to Mars for two reasons.  First I love the song and thought it super appropriate, and second YouTube has this cool thing where they let you use bigger songs in your videos if the monetization goes to the artist. Really allows filmmakers like us to step up our reel game.


Finally, I have been invited to speak on the Indie Film Grit Podcast.  They haven’t launched yet, so stay tuned for episode information in a future post.  Doing a podcast for me is no big deal obviously, with 167 episodes of O The Anthem out and drop in’s on other shows.  But this one is special to me because it gives me a chance to speak in a film centric forum, and talk about my experiences and my journey.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Well that will do it for today, I am working on what I want this blog to be exactly, but know for sure I will be posting here often.  Other than that you can always follow me on facebook, twitter, instagram, or snapchat.  Keep an eye out for new stuff coming very soon.